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Green Zone

We turn milk jugs into playgrounds!

We recycle milk jugs and turn them into plastic lumber. Then use it to build the structure of our play equipment - decks, posts, & framework.  


Learn more about our Recycled Structural Plastic™ (RSP)! 

At Play Mart, we are continually implementing sustainable practices in our product and work environment. We build our playground equipment with Recycled Structural Plastic™ lumber, made in-house from recycled plastic. Ask us about our Take Back Program, in which we take back old RSP to recycle again, when a customer decides to get a new playground. We invest in our team at Play Mart and periodically contribute our products or resources to impoverished areas of the world. We love educating youngsters about responsible living and recycling through school tours of our manufacturing plant in Kentucky. Our sustainable practices are tangible reflections of our mission.

Plastic Regrind

Internal Recycling:

Almost all of our manufacturing waste and more than 75% of our office waste is recycled. Scraps (such as saw shavings on the plant floor, packaging film, cardboard or metal scraps) are either reground for plastic lumber or sorted for recycling elsewhere. We source recycled office supplies and environmentally-friendly cleaning products as much as possible.

Green Building Standards:

Environmentally conscious building standards have become the norm, and Play Mart’s playground equipment can contribute towards overall points in rating systems such as USGBC's LEED, CHPS, NGBS and others. Contact your Play Mart Sales Representative for more information.


“Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
-Bruntland Commission in Firms of Endearment